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zwerenz industries inspires - trendletter season AUTUMN.WINTER 2018/19

zwerenz industries - Trendletter Autumn.Winter 2018/19

With our new trendletter "AUTUMN.WINTER 2018/19 / Additional Products Women.Men" we would like to inspire you for the upcoming season. The following topics are handled: 

  • Urban Shine
  • Wild Luxury
  • Classic Minimalism
  • Decadent Darkness

And of course, zwerenz industries promises to our clients – as it has always been – following advantages:

  • directly form the manufacturer
  • professional & individual consultation
  • design, development & production
  • individual products according tor your request

Enjoy reading our trendletter!

Just click on the picture to download the pdf file.


Apparel accessories in their complete form

zwerenz industries gmbh is one of Germany's largest manufacturers of buttons, push-buttons, patented jeans buttons, toggles, zip fasteners, trademarks, etc., made from PES polyester resin, Zamak, various plastics such as e.g. ABS, polyamide, elastomers, etc. We also process natural products such as e.g. real ivory nut, real mother of pearl, real coconut, real horn and such like to create distinctive apparel accessories.

Our products find application in the fashion and clothing industry, in the sector of workwear, in the equipment of office wear, and also on shoes, gloves and bags, both for womenwear and menswear. Furthermore, our products are used for technical textiles, functional clothing, furniture and seating furniture.

A series of state-of-the-art machinery forms the basis of a low-cost 'Made in Germany' product. Our virtually fully-automated work processes enable us to manufacture visually highly sophisticated products economically. Our product range currently includes some 30,000 different items.

We manufacture both customer-focused items as well as products which, through our own developments, meet the latest trends. We are delighted to present our developments to you in the form of sample cards for the autumn/winter and spring/summer collections.

The key processes in the area of apparel accessories are as following:

  • Machining
    involving in-house manufacturing of PES sheets and PES rods
  • Zinc die casting
    with an in-house mould making unit
  • Platic injection moulding
    with an in-house mould making unit
  • Mould making
    with an in-house construction and development department
  • Laser marking
  • Finishing
  • Enamelling
  • Imprinting

We would be delighted to be able to welcome you as a customer!