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Zinc die casting

The automatic hot-chamber die casting machines which are used guarantee reliable production with a constantly high level of quality. They produce locking pressures of from 75 kN to 1250 kN for cast parts with a weight of from 0.05 to 1,000 grams. We process ZL0410, also called ZnAl4Cu1 or Zamak5, as the standard alloy. However, other zinc die casting alloys such as e.g. ZL0400 or ZL0430 possible.

Optimised production processes allow even extremely thin-walled cast parts to be manufactured with outstanding characteristics.
The company’s own mould making unit incl. design is available to deal with issues such as saving material or weight for customers. This means that even in the foundation of each cast, that is to say in the mould, the tracks can be controlled in such a way that error-free production and an optimum result is obtained.

Sizes of machine used

Depending on the nature of the parts, we are able to manufacture small parts weighing from 0.05g each. To do this, we use our smallest type of machine with a locking pressure of 5 tonnes. If we are processing large solid parts, we use our die casting machines with a locking pressure of 125 tonnes and this allows us to cast a part having a weight of up to 1000g.

We are able to select from the following machine types

  • 5 tonnes
  • 20 tonnes
  • 50 tonnes
  • 80 tonnes
  • 125 tonnes

locking force.

To see an overview of the machine parameters, please click here.

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